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Appraisal Order Form



Date of Order                                                 Date Needed                                                  


Company Ordering Appraisal & Address                                                                                                


Contact Person                                                Phone Number                                               


Fax Number                                                    E-Mail Address                                              


Borrowers Name                                                                                                                    


Property Address                                                                                                                   


City                                         County                                                Zip                                          


Contact Name for Entry                                                                                                        


Home Phone                              Cell #                                    Work #                                   


Legal Description                                                                                                                   


Property Type       SFR           2-4 Family       Condo             Mobile             Other


Type of Financing       Conventional       FHA            FHA Case #                                       


Sales Price                               Estimated Price                             Refinance                         


Guaranteed                                                                 COD                                                  


Lenders Name and Address                                                                                                  


Special Instructions                                                                                                                


If the appraisal is GUARANTEED, then a signature is required below. The payment is not based on the loan closing or any other such event and is to be paid within 30 days.


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